Woolton Lodge No. 6448

wooltonWoolton Lodge No 6448 meets six times a year on the Second FRIDAY of October to April, except December, at the Liverpool Masonic Hall. The annual installation ceremony takes place at the October meeting.

Founded just two years after WW2, in 1947, it was similar to most lodge’s of that period in having a fairly healthy military presence amongst the membership. That tradition is still in evidence today having a strong allegiance and connection to the Crown, a number of our members still serving in one capacity or another. There is also an affinity with the former Liverpool Scottish within the lodge, which the members are justly proud of.

With a good range of age among the members, and a wide diversity of skills and background this assists in helping new members assimilate fairly rapidly making for a comfortable and friendly atmosphere within Woolton Lodge.

If you feel you may be attracted to this lodge in particular please contact Woolton Lodge 6448, Liverpool Masonic Hall, 22 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BY.