Woodend Epworth Lodge No. 5381

Lodge No.5381 formed in 1932 as Liverpool Epworth is now known as Woodend Epworth since incorporating Woodend Lodge in 2016. This vibrant and friendly lodge which is now eighty-five years of age, has as its emblem a depiction of the parish church of St Andrew, in the town of Epworth in north Lincolnshire. This was the birthplace of the Wesley brothers, the founders of “methodism”, whose father was rector of the church. The motto of the lodge is ‘VIVE HODIE’, a literal translation from the Latin being ‘LIVE TODAY’.

The lodge has been very fortunate over the years in having drawn an eclectic mix into its membership and is all embracing to new members. A feature of the lodge is the regular lectures appertaining to any subject as long as it is connected in some form to freemasonry. These have included stories of Liverpool Freemasons involved with shipping including the Titanic and Lusitania sinking’s, and subjects further afield such as the American Civil War, George Washington, and the dollar bill.

The lodge has for many years hosted the annual Remembrance Day Service at the magnificent war memorial within the Liverpool Masonic Hall. The lodge also holds a ‘work in progress’ collection consisting of the names of all known Freemasons of West Lancashire Province who lost their lives in World War1, each individual person researched and their biographical history recorded for posterity, complete with any photographs if available. Associated with the lodge is Liverpool Epworth Royal Arch Chapter No 5381.

Renowned for its social gatherings the lodge meets informally throughout the summer months and formerly within the Masonic season which is October to April. In the formal season the lodge meetings take place on the first Thursday of the month, except January, at the Liverpool Masonic Hall, 22 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BY. The next informal meeting is a summer charity ball. If you think you may be attracted to this lodge in particular please do not hesitate in making contact with us. A meeting with some of our newer members can be arranged and you can ask them first hand why they joined us, but more importantly, why they stayed.