West Lancashire Regalia

18-10-2013 17-34-51Over many years freemasons have bought their regalia from various companies unfortunately these companies are in the business and quite rightly, of making profits for themselves, as we all aware many of our Masonic Halls need considerable sums of money to repair, refurbish, restore and maintain our Masonic homes and yet we freemasons continually make significant profits for these various companies while our halls continue in urgent need of funds for the essential work necessary to provide first class services for the members meeting there.

In 2010 three freemasons, namely W/Bros Derek Cadwallader, David Kelleher and Michael Melling got together with the idea of creating a new regalia supply business with the intention of selling all regalia requirements with the all profits remaining within freemasonry in order to provide funds for our Masonic Halls.

18-10-2013 17-33-30It was decided to call the new business West Lancashire Regalia, first we needed to create a business plan to take us forward to enable WLR to achieve our aspirations, a business manager and an accountant were sought and W/Bros Jack Parker & Rodney Wilmott were quickly brought in, our next step was to acquire suppliers of quality regalia from established Masonic regalia manufacturing companies in several countries, accounts with banks, ebay & paypal were set up, a website was obviously the next step and this was put in the hands of Cybermart UK Ltd, a professional website building company who have done considerable work for freemasons, this resulted in our new website coming online in time for the 2011/2012 season.

Our new venture, is based within the Liverpool Masonic Hall, all profits will go to Masonic Halls within the Province of West Lancashire, it is our intention to bring to you the best quality regalia at the lowest possible prices; indeed we will endeavour to beat any advertised quote, we can also provide for promotions with new sets of badges for collars and gauntlets, once again at rock bottom prices.

With the support of freemasons, WLR look forward to making considerable donations to our Masonic homes for many years to come.

Contact us at –

West Lancashire Regalia
Liverpool Masonic Hall
22 Hope Street
L1 9BY

Open: Wednesday 10:00am – 1:00pm

w – www.westlancsregalia.org.uk
e – info@westlancsregalia.org.uk

Yours sincerely and fraternally

M. Melling
Michael Melling P. Pr.JGD