Twenty 2’s


In 2014 the Liverpool Group Chairman Sam Robinson and Vice Chairman Bob Poval oversaw the formation of an investigation
committee to pursue the creation of a social club.  Five members from across the group were approached and set the task of setting up the ‘fun side’ of the Liverpool Group of Lodges. The investigation committee set about the task and decided to call themselves “The Twenty 2’s” which is derivative of the number of the Liverpool Masonic Hall, 22 Hope Street.

A mission statement was formed to ensure that the Twenty 2’s would never stray to become something it was never originally intended to be.  Gordon Farmer of Minerva Lodge 4002, a founder of the Twenty 2’s said “The Club is purely about social events, getting together and enjoying ourselves. We aren’t going to be asking for financial contributions or charity collections.  The Twenty 2’s will be about enjoying ourselves, getting to know each other better and creating a more cohesive group.” When pressed about the ideology of the group cohesion Gordon said, “You can clearly see that the Chairman and Vice Chairman are working hard to ensure that Lodges are visiting each other and getting to know one another more.  It’s a facet of Masonry that has gone by the wayside for far too long.  As a member of two Lodges I can honestly say that the only visitors we get are ones that we approach to attend.  People just don’t seem to go around to other Lodges and visit anymore.  By bringing back the Masters visiting other installations in the Group I think that this will help massively and if we can contribute to new friendships and associations in the twenty 2’s then I’ll feel that we’ve achieved what we set out to do.”

The Twenty 2’s will be setting up a calendar of events for 2014/2015 and they will vary from Brewery tours to Car shows, to family days and much more.  Jason Hengler another Twenty 2’s founder said, “The idea of having the family included in social events was an important one to me.  Having a young family myself it would be nice to do things that we can all enjoy.”

The next step for the Twenty 2’s is spreading the message and getting people to sign up.  A page on the Group website will be going live soon and an email sign up form will be created.  By signing up to the Twenty 2’s newsletter, you will receive updates on events and be able to book places.  Representatives of the Twenty 2’s will be visiting your regular Lodge meetings soon to talk about their plans.