Temple Lodge No. 1094

The Temple Lodge No.1094 meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the following months – of the following months –

October, November, December, January, February, March, April(Installation), & May.

The plea for the formation of Temple Lodge was addressed to the Worshipful Grand Master of the United Fraternity of Ancient and Accepted Masons of England. The plea was submitted by :

JM Johnson Mariners Lodge 249
RHD Johnson PM ”
JK Smith ”
Wm. Crane PM ”
James Hamer PM ”
Wm. C Bew ”
R Williams ”
Wm. Harris ”
E Campana ”
Thos Marsh Perseverance 155

The reason for the Plea was very simple, it reads :

…..”having the prosperity of the Craft at heart, are anxious to exert our best endeavours to promote and diffuse the genuine principle of the Art”

This wording in any language of any society is very forceful, and gives one the confidence of absolute strength and unity.

No “ifs”, “buts” or “perhaps”, but a full conviction by the founder members that nothing would stop them straining at the leash – for not just an enthuesiasm had they in mind, but an absolute determination to complete a job – and here we are some 146 years later enjoying the benefits of the exertions those brethren made.

These benefits are enjoyed not only by the serving brethren of today but, by all who have been members and are no longer with us, as well as by the many who will serve in the future.

As Mariners Lodge 249 is our Mother Lodge, enquiries were made as to its origin, with the following result, which is self explanatory:

“With reference to your letter of 23rd July (1865) concerning the origination of Mariners Lodge No.249 at the time this was constituted, i.e. 1783, it was not necessary for a new Lodge to be sponsored by a regularly warranted Lodge. This requirement did not appear in the Book of Constitutions until 1815.

In 1783 it would have been sufficient for a number of brethren gathered together to apply to the Grand Lodge for a Warrant of Constitution, which appears to have been done in the case of the Lodge referred to.”

From this information it is fair to deduce we could be a Grandchild or Great Grandchild – which is a very direct connection – of a Lodge which was in being in the memorable year of 1717, and therefore Temple Lodge No.1094 must be considered very distinctive.

The result of the Plea was the Consecration of the Temple Lodge 1094 at 2.00p.m. on 11th April 1866, at the Masonic Temple, 22 Hope Street, Liverpool.

The Consecration was presided over by W.Bro. Thomas Wylie PrGReg., who was assisted by W.Bro. Rev. H G Vernon PrGChap., W.Bro. James Hamer PrGTreas., and on this occassion, Director of Ceremonies and WBro H S Alpass PrGSec.

To every Brother in the Province of West Lancashire the names of Alpass and Hamer are well known, and permanently recorded in West Lancashire, and the Lodge feels honoured not only for their officiating at the Consecration of the Lodge, but that WBro James Hamer was a founder member of Temple Lodge, something of which we are quietly and justly proud.

Of the eighteen founder members of Temple Lodge – 12 were from our mother Lodge, Mariners No. 249. The first Worshipful Master of the Lodge was Bro. Richard HD Johnson, a Past Master of Mariners Lodge 249, who was a surgeon.

The Consecration banquet was by all accounts a lavish affair costing 10s.6d. per head – what price now brethren ? well about ?50.00p.

From its Consecration, Temple Lodge has attracted brethren from a wide range of backgrounds, occupations and professions. They can give no idea as to the personality or character of the Lodge, although the conversations around the festive board must have be very interesting to say the least.

Through the years brethren have had such diverse occupations and professions as: a Wharfinger to Surgeon, an Organ Builder to Master Mariner, a Watchmaker to Barristers, and a Boot Factor and Gold Miner to a Clerk in Holy Orders !

In 1911 the Lodge initiated a Russian named Anitoly Zaitzeff, a merchant.

One thing is for sure – todays brethren have inherited from their predecessors a genuine desire for knowledge, and a sincere wish to maintain the high standards which our predecessors set themselves – oh, and a reputation second to none for entertaining their guests at the festive board !


In November 1867 it was proposed that the Lodge sponsor the formation of a Chapter to be called the Temple Chapter, and in due course the Temple Chapter 1094 was Consecrated in April 1869.

The Chapter is a member of The Liverpool Group and currently has a healthy membership of 35 Companions


Since the Lodge Consecration, there have been five instances where a fathers have initiated and then Installed their sons as Worshipgul Master.

R C Yelland (1875 & 77) & R C Yelland (1912)
T Rimmer (1913) & C Rimmer (1951)
J E Smith (1918) & H Smith (1958)
F R Wilson (1987) & L G Wilson (1988)
H T Youdan (1994) & M T Youdan (2003)

There is one instance where a father has initiated & later Installed 2 sons:

S L Walls (1992 & 97) & C S Walls (2006) & K A Walls (2007)

There was a feature of four brothers being members of the Lodge – Albert Fletcher, who was Master in 1939, and his brothers, Tom, Fred and Charles.

The brothers Leslie and Arthur Small were initiated into Temple Lodge on the same night, 10th September 1930, Leslie serving as Worshipful Master in 1956.

The brothers Walter and Joseph Stother were initiated into the Lodge in 1946, and 1955 respectively, both went on the serve as Master of the Lodge, Walter in 1960 and Joseph in 1966.

Father & son, Bros John Richard & Henry Lloyd “Harry” Hughes were a Master Baker & a Master Baker & Master Confectioner respectively. Sadly, Bro John died on 9th February 1979, a date Harry will always remember for he was initiated on 9th February 1955.

In December 2009, the then Worshipful Master, Bro Haralmbos Michael was to experience what prevous fathers had experienced when he initiated his son, Adonis into Temple Lodge


In the long history of Temple Lodge there have been many of its brethren honoured by The Provincial Grand Master of the day with the award of Provincial Grand rank, but only on four occasions have brethren been honoured with Grand rank.

Today, there are three Grand Officers who are members of the Lodge, two who were initiated into the Lodge & the third who is a joining member.

WBro JE Banning served the Lodge as Treasurer between 1934 and 1950, and was Chairman of the 5th Liverpool Group from 1934 and 1947, when he retired due to ill health. In 1934 he was appointed to the rank of PGStd.B.

WBro GE Mills served the Lodge as Group Representative between 1934 and 1963. He was appointed Vice Chairman of the 5th Liverpool Group from 1937 to 1958 when he was appointed Chairman of the Group. In 1953 he was appointed to the rank of PGStdB, and was promoted in 1962 to PAGDC.

It is extraordinary that WBros Banning & Mills were initiated into the Lodge at the same meeting on 10th May 1911 and virtually kept step with each other throughout their Masonic careers

WBro PA Taylor served as Secretary of the 6th Liverpool Group between May 1995 & 1997 when he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Group, an office he held until May 1998, when after the re-organization of the Liverpool Groups he was appointed Vice Chairman of the newly formed Wellington Group an office he held until May 1999. He was appointed PAGDC in April 1998

WBro SL Walls was appointed a Provincial Grand Steward in May 1998 & was honoured with his appointment to a second acting rank of Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in May 2002 ? a rare happening & the highest acting rank that any brother of the Lodge has received to date ? as well as being appointed The Liverpool Trafalgar Group Secretary on the same day.

Also in May 2002 he was appointed a Provincial Grand Steward in The Royal Arch & was further promoted to PPrGSN in May 2006

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master appointed him to the office of Vice Chairman of the Liverpool Trafalgar Group in May 2005.

In April 2010 he was elevated to the Grand Rank of PAGDC & in April 2011 he was elevated the Supreme Grand Chapter rank of PGStdB

In May 2011 the Liverpool Groups were re-organized & he was appointed Vice Chairman The Liverpool Group with specific responsibility for RA

Between September 1995 & May 2010 be worked as a volunteer in the Provincial Office with particular responsibilities for Lodge & Chapter Installations throughout the Province & assisting the Archivist in his work.

In 2009 WBro Thomas J Lovatt PAGDC became a joining member of the Lodge after his Mother Lodge closed due to lack of members & the subsequent inability to continue to practice Freemasonry.

WBro Lovatt is a very knowledgeable Freemason having been the Deputy to the Provincial Grand Secretary for 15 years. After his retirement he immediately returned to the Provincial Office as a volunteer with particular responsibility for the examination of Lodge & Chapter by-laws & proposed changes to such. It is a role that he continues to enjoy to this day.


The Lodge has always been at the forefront in supporting the numerous Charity Festivals held throughout its history. Of recent times, it was proud to be acknowledged as one of the first Lodges to become a Patron of the 1997 MTGB Festival, & a Gold certificate holder for the 175th Anniversary Appeal.

The Lodge is a Patron of the 2010 Festival for the RMBI


In recent years, like so many other Lodges in the Province, Temple Lodge has seen a decline in its numbers, although its future has never been in doubt.

The future of the Lodge depends on having the right calibre of candidate, and the brethren of Temple Lodge continue to maintain the high standards set by their predecessors in the qualification of its members.

In recent years the Lodge has moved with the times, and it has become the practice of the Lodge to involve the younger brethren as much as possible in our Installation ceremony, thereby maintaining interest and encouraging the brethren to progress within the Lodge.

The Brethren are safe in the knowledge that all concerned have expressed a genuine desire to progress to one day be Installed as Worshipful Master of this old and distinguished Lodge.

The Lodge does intend to celebrate its 150th in April 2016 so now is the time to join & get in on the festivities!