Temple Chapter No. 1094

The Chapter meets on the 3rd Monday in the months of February, April (Installation Meeting), October and the 2nd Friday of December.

The Chapter was Consecrated on 26th January 1869, having been granted its Charter dated 4th November 1868.

There were 21 Founder Members, of which 9 were also Founders of Temple Lodge 1094 in 1866 & 3 were members of Mariners Chapter 249, from which the Chapter is descended. The original 3 Principals (who were amongst the Founders of Temple Lodge) were:
Z EComp RHD Johnson PPrGSN (a surgeon by profession)
H EComp J Kellett- Smith PPrGSN (also a surgeon)
J EComp J Hamer PPrGTreas (a general manager) after whom the West Lancashire Hamer Benevolent Institution was named.

Also present was EComp HJ Alpass PrGSE, and after whom the West Lancashire Alpass Benevolent Institution was named.

Unfortunately, due to the fire at the Masonic Hall, Hope Street, on 13th October 1968, many of the early records of the Chapter were lost. However, it is known that in the years immediately before the First World War, 8 brethren from the James T Callow Lodge 3596 were exalted into the Chapter & 12 members of the Dramatic Lodge 1609 were also admitted. On 12th March 1920, 7 out of 10 candidates were Exalted at one & the same time!

The Chapter is believed to have met on at least 3 occasions during the Second World War, but no minutes are available.
Following the fire in 1968, Temple Chapter was forced to meet away from Hope Street for the first time in 100 years. This includes the Centenary Convocation of 19th February 1969 which was held at the Reece?s Masonic Suite, Clayton Square which was attended by the ME Grand Superintendent, Comp Sir Knowles Edge, Baronet.

The Chapter celebrated 125 years on 20th April 1994, in the presence of the Deputy Grand Superintendent, EComp BA Jackson, when EComp the Rev HE Ross, then PGStB & Chairman of the 6th Liverpool Group, led the Companions in a Prayer of Thanks & the Rededication of the Chapter to the honour of the Most High.

Since then, despite the Chapter experiencing some of the problems suffered by many other Masonic Orders, we have been fortunate to welcome 9 joining Companions from The Duke of Edinburgh Chapter in 2003, 5 from the Prince of Wales Chapter in 2006 & 9 members of Queensway Chapter in 2008. We have also had a steady influx of Exaltees & together, we believe the Chapter has a bright & prosperous future.

Temple Chapter members have given many years of valued service to Masonry within the Province. Amongst those are: EComps Gwillam Mills & J Banning, both Group Chairman. EComp W Jenkins was Chairman of the Hall Committee & EComps Stan Sutch & Phill Taylor Group Vice-Chairmen. EComps Frank Forrester a Group Secretary.

Today that tradition of service continues through EComp Steve Walls, who served as Secretary & Vice-Chairman of the former Liverpool Trafalgar Group & who is now the present Vice Chairman responsible for Royal Arch matters in the new Liverpool Group & EComp Bob Povall who succeeded EComp Walls as Secretary of the Liverpool Trafalgar Group, and served as the Scribe E of the new Liverpool Group at it’s formation and is now currently Vice Chairman responsible for Craft matters in the Liverpool Group.