Sure and Stedfast Chapter of Temperence and Felicity No. 9326

Sure and Stedfast Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Temperance and Felicity No 9326 celebrates its Centenary during 2019.

The Chapter meets four times a year on the Fourth Thursday of January, March, September, and November, with the installation ceremony taking place at the January meeting.

The Charter was issued on 5 February 1919, with the Chapter consecrated at a ceremony on 27 September as Felicity Temperance No 3632, associated with Temperance Lodge of Felicity 3632. With the closure of the lodge in December 2000 the ruling of the period insisted the Chapter associate itself with another lodge. The membership chose Sure and Stedfast Lodge No 9326 as their host, and in time the chapter was then re-named and re-numbered to its present identity. Ironically, this rule was abolished shortly after, and left the chapter with the invaluable legacy of what must be the most wonderful and beguiling name in Royal Arch Masonry.

Staying dedicated to the principles of the Founders it remains a true temperance chapter, but this in no way precludes a sense of fun, geniality and camaraderie amongst the membership. It is acclaimed for its hospitality towards visitors which is proven by the frequency of their attendance.