St. Peters Lodge No. 4324

The Founders of Lodge 4324 selected the title of St.Peter’s, in all probably named after the parish church of Liverpool. The warrant was issued just after World War 1 and the lodge consecrated on 14 November 1921. The following year St Peter’s church, situated on Lord Street was demolished after  218 years, reputably it had been the first church to be built in Lancashire after the Reformation.

St. Peter’s Lodge has met at a total of 7 different venues since its formation in 1921. Firstly, and for only a couple of years it was the Carlton Restaurant in Eberle Street, a venue that was returned to for a further 2 years after a 2 year sojourn at the Bears Paw Restaurant in Lord Street. The next move, in August 1927, was to Reece’s Building in Parker Street a venue that was favoured for 27 consecutive years from 1927 to 1954.

There was then a strange venue for just one Special Meeting on 30th November 1953 which was at the YMCA in Mount Pleasant where there was a discussion on the subject of ‘Accommodation Changes’ resulting with the Lodge returning to the newly named Carlton Masonic Hall for a period of 15 consecutive years. There was then 1 year back at Liverpool Masonic Hall, then 1 year back at Carlton Masonic Hall and then finally the Lodge removed toThe Annex, Greenback Synagogue, Greenbank Drive where it remained for 13 years.

It was in 1990 that St. Peter’s Lodge returned to Liverpool Masonic Hall where it has remained ever since.

In 1971 T.A. Gossop wrote in his history of the lodge;

It may well be that among our members present this evening, some of the younger ones will still be active members of the Lodge in 2021 to celebrate the Centenary of our Lodge. We hope that they will then remember us, with affection, and that they will continue to instil into these new members the sacred dictates of Truth, of Honour and of Virtue. May Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth ever be the guiding principles of our Lodge.

St Peter’s is still a vibrant and thriving Lodge and hopefully we will be celebrating our Centenary in 2021. Widely known for its Charitable Giving and hospitality, every visitor to St. Peter’s has remarked on our warmth of welcome our friendliness. What more can a Lodge ask for. And long may it continue. We actively seek new initiates and joining members. If you are considering joining a Lodge in the Liverpool Group…come and see us, you will be guaranteed a welcome. We meet on the evening of the Third Thursday in the month of September to April. Our annual Installation Ceremony is held at the February meeting