St. John of Jerusalem Chapter No. 203

The St John of Jerusalem Holy Royal Arch Chapter No 203 meets three times a year on the 4th Tuesday in March, May and September. The annual installation ceremony takes place at the September meeting.

The Charter of the Chapter was issued on 2 November 1824, with the consecration ceremony held 18 July 1825. The Chapter also holds a Centenary Warrant, and is looking forward to receiving its forthcoming Bi-Centenary Warrant in a few short years time.

St John of Jerusalem has a long and interesting story and has met continually since the issue of its Charter by Supreme Grand Chapter in 1824. However, that is only part of the story, as prior to this Charter, it previously operated under a warrant issued in 1792 to an Athol (Ancient) Lodge. However, although it is interesting to look back, looking forward is even more important to the members of St John of Jerusalem today.

If you are a Master Mason, or indeed, a Royal Arch Mason, looking for a friendly and welcoming Chapter to join, one which can trace its ancestry in Royal Arch Masonry in an unbroken line back to the late 18th century, then please contact us at 22 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BY, we would love to hear from you.