Sacred Delta Chapter No. 216

Sacred Delta Chapter, attached to Harmonic Lodge 216, came into being as a separate entity on Wednesday 19th September 1849 at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. Before that date Harmonic Lodge, then numbered 263, carried out Royal Arch ceremonies as permitted by its Warrant under the old Constitutions, so it can be claimed that in Sacred Delta history Master Masons have been receiving Exaltation since 1796.

With such a long history the Chapter has prospered and declined several times, reflecting the changes in society over the years. Currently the Chapter has 32 members and their meetings are held at the Masonic Hall, 22 Hope Street, Liverpool, on the third Monday in September and October, and on the fourth Friday in January and March. The Installation meeting, marking the start of the Sacred Delta year, is in September.

Although naturally the membership is drawn largely from Harmonic Lodge, the Chapter is fortunate in having members from various other Lodges who combine to provide a diversity of background and interests. The result is a body of men who place a high value on the conduct of their meetings, and whose lively conversation and friendship engenders a convivial atmosphere at the after-proceedings.