Graham celebrates 50 years in Liverpool Lodge

Graham Eric Bullock of Liverpool Lodge No 1547 has achieved the wonderful milestone of 50 years in Freemasonry and the event was celebrated in style at Liverpool Masonic Hall.

Derek Parkinson (left) congratulates Graham Bullock, handing him the 50 years celebration certificate with WM Tom Hough in background.

The celebration was led by Assistant Provincial Grand Master Derek Parkinson, accompanied on the special event by grand officers Barry Elman, John Roberts and Roy Ashley with group vice chairman Dave Johnson. As befitting the occasion, the evening was superbly directed by the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Jason Dell.

The WM of Liverpool Lodge Tom Hough welcomed Derek into the lodge room and offered him the gavel, which Derek gracefully accepted. Derek began his address by outlining the reason for the evening’s celebratory event, together with some of the events that were happening in 1969 when Graham took his first steps in Freemasonry. On conclusion, he requested Jason Dell to place the celebrant before him so that he may continue.

After making sure Graham was sitting comfortably, Derek embarked on an absorbing and informative reflection on Graham’s personal, professional and Masonic life. A transcript of the address given to Graham by Derek can be found by clicking here.  Liverpool Graham celebrates 50 years in Liverpool Lodge – Derek Parkinson’s address

On the conclusion of his address Derek requested that the group vice chairman Dave Johnson read the commemorative certificate which the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison had caused to be issued, after which Derek presented the certificate to Graham. In closing, Derek thanked Graham for all that he had done and wished him good health, continued happiness and the heartiest congratulation from all the brethren present.

During the festive board, and in response to the toast to the celebrant Graham told humorous tales of his past life, and thanked each and every person for joining him in celebrating a memorable and highly enjoyable evening.

Pictured from left to right, are: David Johnson, Derek Parkinson, Tom Hough, Graham Bullock and Jason Dell.


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