Sephton trio at Lodge of Israel

Lodge of Israel No 1502 is seeing a steady growth in membership, with the latest meeting being yet another third degree ceremony. The fortunate person, Alan Sephton, completed the trio of Sephton’s within the lodge. As well as Alan, there is John Sephton (senior deacon) and Ray Sephton (senior warden).

The ceremony was performed by the WM Ian Niven, with Stan Blake giving the traditional history associated with the master Mason degree and completed by Paul Hudson giving the explanation for the associated tracing board. Following on from the third degree ceremony, the adjacent dining suite was the setting for an excellent kiddush (reception), followed by an equally outstanding festive board.

Now meeting in the Roman Suite at Liverpool Masonic Hall, the lodge was founded on 3 June 1874 and consecrated on 12 October 1874. Although observing Jewish dietary requirements, Lodge of Israel has always welcomed non-Jewish members, of which there have been many, right from its consecration.

As a way of explanation, at the end of each meeting and prior to the festive board, the lodge enjoys an excellent kiddush before the festive board. During particular ceremonies and at the festive board, some of the prayers are said in Hebrew and some of the brethren may wear a head covering and it is also traditional to sing a short Hebrew verse after the return of thanks. The meeting in May will see the lodge hold a gentleman’s white table evening, to which a number of non-Masonic guests and potential candidates have already expressed an interest in attending.

Pictured from left to right, are: John, Alan and Raymond Sephton.

Pictured from left to right, are: John, Alan and Raymond Sephton.

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