‘Grand Patronage’ for Chapter of Liverpool

Companions and guests of Chapter of Liverpool No 292, gathered at Liverpool Masonic Hall on Hope Street for their 177th annual installation convocation and to see a new page written in their history.

Pictured from left to right, are: Roy Pyne, Sam Robinson, Mark Matthews and Peter Connolly

Pictured from left to right, are: Roy Pyne, Sam Robinson, Mark Matthews and Peter Connolly

The chapter was opened for business by first principal Jack Parker, second principal George Christie and third principal Tom Walsh, with director of ceremonies Phil Pattullo making sure everything went smoothly. Greetings were conveyed to Barry Fletcher of Abercromby Chapter No 3699 and John Doig of Liverpool Epworth Chapter No 5381, visiting first principals of their respective chapters.

 On completion of the opening formalities, the chapter was pleased to receive as their principal guest Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals Sam Robinson. First principal Jack was pleased to extend a warm welcome to Sam on behalf of the chapter, who on this occasion was accompanied by Liverpool Group Chairman Mark Matthews and fellow grand officer’s Peter Connolly and Roy Pyne, Peter being a member of Chapter of Liverpool.

For the purpose of installation, Brad Goff remained in position at the inner entrance, whilst during the ceremony, Tom Walsh remained in the chair of third principal and Geoff Cuthill occupied that of the second principal. Phil Pattullo presented the three principals elect in turn, each taking or re-affirming their obligation, with George Christie installed as first principal, Tim Burgess as second and Brian Jackson as third.

 After completing the installation of the principals, George Christie presented Jack Parker with the collar and jewel of an immediate past first principal. The robe addresses were delivered in a confident and assured manner, with that of the red robe by Jack Parker, the purple by Phil Pattullo, while Tom Walsh delivered the blue robe address. Following this, Sam Robinson delivered the address to the companions of the chapter in an assured manner.

George Christie (left) responds to the toast to the three principals, with attentive DC Phil Pattullo

George Christie (left) responds to the toast to the three principals, with attentive DC Phil Pattullo

At the conclusion of the installation ceremony, Sam brought the congratulations of the Grand Superintendent Tony Harrison, who wished the three principals the best of heath during their coming year in office. Tony had also asked for congratulations to be proffered to all who had taken part in the ceremony. The first duty of the newly installed first principal George Christie, was to present Sam with a £750 cheque in favour of the MCF 2021 Festival. Sam responded by complimenting the chapter on raising such a magnificent sum and gave thanks on behalf of the recipients. Noting the generosity of the chapter, this latest donation, which added to their previous, meant they had reached the target required to achieve the status of ‘Grand Patron of the Festival’ and as such Sam had the greatest pleasure in presenting the chapter with their certificate of patronage.

The companions were then treated to a sumptuous festive board and a most entertaining response to the toast to then grand officers by Sam Robinson. He began by saying what a pleasure it was to see so many present to support George at his installation. He added, that it was also a pleasure to see a ‘first time’ principal installed in the first principal’s chair at Chapter of Liverpool.

He further took this opportunity to congratulate Tim Burgess, as the newly installed second principal, who, at Provincial Chapter at Southport in October, will be appointed to the acting office of Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah. Sam went on to express his thanks to Mark Matthews, Peter Connolly and Tom Roy Pyne, making particular mention of the work the Liverpool group officers did, much of which went unnoticed. He reminded the companions of the need to continue in their efforts to recruit new members to the Royal Arch, as there were still a lot of Craft Masons who had not yet joined. He also discussed the ‘pathway project’ and the online learning tool, called Solomon, which is available to all Craft and Royal Arch Masons.

With toasts and joviality, the evening swiftly sped past, until it was time for the janitor Geoff Cuthill, to give the last toast of the evening.


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