Another great achievement for Edward the fifth

Titled as Edward the fifth when he was installed into the chair of King Solomon at Woolton Lodge No 6448, for the fifth time, Edward O’Hare has achieved another remarkable landmark.

Edward O’Hare (left) and initiate David Hillman.

Edward O’Hare (left) and initiate David Hillman.

At the last meeting of this Masonic year for the lodge, saw Edward initiate David Hillman into the lodge in exemplary style. Nothing unusual maybe, but he has initiated a new member at every meeting held during the year and also passed one of the initiates to the second degree. Edward gave his heartfelt thanks to the visiting brethren who had come to support him, it had been a fantastic year for everyone concerned.

Now agreeing to extend his tenure for another year, Edward will be proclaimed at the installation in October and will then of course be referred to by the members as Edward VI. His namesake was the son of Jane Seymour and Henry VIII and Edward was the first monarch of England to be raised as a Protestant.

Of course, with this extra year comes the extra work, entered apprentices to be passed and raised and also the very distinct possibility of more candidates awaiting their turn for initiation. How many lodges can in this day and age be talking of introducing extra meetings to cope with their workload? It has been through sheer hard work and determination that, by word of mouth only, people have come to hear about the good standard of ritual within the lodge, as well as its all-embracing nature and the fun and happiness around the festive board.

A visitor at this final meeting of year for the lodge, remarked on how well the master conducted the lodge and completed the full ceremony with only one minor prompt all evening, while Dave Blythe gave a faultless rendition of the ‘charge’.

At the festive board the ’entered apprentice’ was sung with gusto, with Nigel Piper as soloist and various sections of the lodge taking up the chorus, each trying to outdo the other. It made for a marvellous evening, which sadly had to come to a close. The lodge director of ceremonies Geoff Cuthill, invited Nigel to take to the floor for one last time to give the full version of the tyler’s toast.

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