Gareth signs for Liverpool

Gareth Rogers, by paying his fee in full and signing the declaration book, has pledged his future to Liverpool Lodge No 1547.

Gareth Rogers (left and Colin Svenson.

WM Colin Svenson invited the candidate into the lodge room according to ancient custom and after asking the usual questions and the candidate being furnished with the correct responses, the ceremony of initiation continued.

The candidate was conducted around the room by junior deacon Bernard Ashley and introduced at the junior warden’s pedestal to Brian Flood. With the formalities completed at the JW’s pedestal, the procession continued to the pedestal of the senior warden Ken Marshall.

During the ceremony, Colin was assisted in part by Jack Parker, while the working tools of an entered apprentice Freemason were explained by Ray Ho. The ancient charge, despite the complexity and intricacy of its wording, was delivered in an easy yet efficacious manner at the SW’s pedestal, by Ken Marshall.

At the completion of the ceremony, Gareth left the lodge room to restore himself to his personal comfort and when settled, returned to the lodge room for the first time as an entered apprentice Freemason, now brother Gareth Rogers.

During the festive board, Gareth was entertained by the brethren with the entered apprentice song and the initiates poem. Gareth then offered his response and thanked his proposers Jack Parker and Tom Mc Laughlin, before expressing his gratitude to all the brethren of Liverpool Lodge and their visitors, for making the evening so enjoyable.

Pictured from left to right, are: Martin Cosgrove, Bernard Ashley, Ken Marshall, Gareth Rogers, Colin Svenson and Brian Flood.

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