Monthly luncheon at Liverpool

The rather imposingly titled ‘Grand and Provincial Grand Officers Luncheon Club’, or as it is more affectionately nicknamed by its regular attendees ‘Roy’s Diner’, have held their March meeting at Liverpool Masonic Hall.

Club emblem.

Club emblem.

The club meets on the last Thursday of October, November, January, February, March, April and May and at each meeting an invited guest gives an entertaining talk, which can be on either Masonic or none Masonic subjects, except that is in May, when the annual general meeting takes place. The format of each meeting is very similar to the description that follows.

The guest speaker on this occasion was a well-known local Freemason David Waddington, a past master of the Lodge of Israel No 1502. David’s chosen subject was on ‘Freemasonry and America’, a field he has spoken upon before to great effect around the Province. He is able to lecture upon this subject, due to hours and hours of research on the internet and information provided to him from many different volumes of Masonic history, many of which such titles he shared with the audience.

David held his audience spellbound, with a comprehensive slide show relating to the facts around the links of Freemasonry and the America’s, along with a comprehensive list of prominent Americans who were members of the fraternity. He concluded by taking questions from his audience and presenting handouts to all present.

The director of ceremonies Dave Anderton, called upon Derek Horrocks to affirm the club’s appreciation for the presentation. Congratulating David on such a very interesting lecture, Derek commented that the presentation had been put together in such an inspirational manner, it demonstrated a great deal of skill and knowledge. His comments were heartily endorsed by the applause of the members.

Guest speaker, David Waddington.

Guest speaker, David Waddington.

The chairman Roy Ashley, in his closing remarks, congratulated the four new members who were present for the first time, adding that although there was an active membership of some 50 brethren, there was still a need to retain or even increase the active membership. It was a good way of involving those brethren who did not wish to attend an evening meeting or those who lived alone and have to prepare their own meals.

Although the club met at Hope Street, membership was open to all grand and Provincial grand officers across the Province. Master masons and past masters still awaiting their first appointment, were more than welcome to attend as visitors. He concluded by thanking everyone for their attendance, hoping they enjoyed the meeting and David’s lecture and wished them all the best of health and a safe journey home.

The meetings are held at Liverpool Masonic Hall, Hope Street. The bar is open at 11:45am and the lunch itself is set up for 12:45pm, followed by the speaker’s address and usually concluded by 2:30pm. The current annual membership fee and luncheon cost is extremely modest, details of which can be obtained from the chairman Roy Ashley, who’s email address is

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