Colin takes the lead at Liverpool

Members of the long-established Liverpool Lodge No 1547, have been pleased to hold the annual investiture of their WM and his officers for the forthcoming year. Held in the Adams Suite at Liverpool Masonic Hall, the lodge was most pleased to welcome Assistant Provincial Grand Master Derek Parkinson, accompanied by Liverpool Group Chairman Mark Matthews and grand officers Barry Elman and Roy Ashley. The lodge was fortunate in also having four acting Provincial grand officers in attendance.

Pictured left to right, are: Robert Williams, Thomas Bradfield-Kay, Mark Mathews, Colin Svenson, Derek Parkinson, Barry Kilby and Martin Farmer.

WM Barry Kilby opened the lodge in the usual manner, then after completing the standard lodge business was pleased to welcome Derek Parkinson and his entourage into the lodge room. Barry thanked all the officers and members of the lodge for the support they had shown throughout his year in office and knew the same would be extended to the new master.

For the purpose of installation, Jack Parker took the WM’s chair and Colin Svenson was brought forward as master-elect to take his obligations. Jack was delighted to place Colin Svenson into the chair of King Solomon, the first time that Colin had taken the chair in Liverpool Lodge. It was an excellent ceremony, that saw the working tools of each degree presented in exemplary manner. The working tools of a master Mason were presented by Jack Parker, the fellow crafts by Tom McLaughlin and those of an entered apprentice by Ray Ho.

Mark Matthews read the address to the charity steward Ged Wilson and on conclusion presented him with a printed copy. Ged next delivered a superb rendition of the address to the WM and of equal standard, Bernie Ashley sailed effortless through his address to the two wardens. Not to be left out Jack Parker returned to the floor with the address to the stewards, while Roy Cowley gave the address to the tyler. The final address was to the brethren of Liverpool Lodge, performed as expected with consummate artistry by Derek Parkinson.

The toast to the WM, from left to right, are: Jack Parker, Colin Svenson, Derek Parkinson, Barry Elman, Roy Ashley and Mark Matthews.

After investing his officers for the coming year, Colin’s first duty as the newly installed master was the very pleasant task of handing over two cheques on behalf of the lodge members; Liverpool Masonic Hall £100 and WLFC £150. They were gratefully accepted by Derek Parkinson

After closing the lodge, the brethren moved into the dining room to toast the health of the new master, before sitting down to an excellent festive board. As to be expected, it turned out to be a lively and convivial affair in the best traditions of Liverpool Lodge. It was here that the opportunity was taken by Derek to offer his own personal congratulations to the new WM Colin Svenson and to wish him and his officers the very best of health, that he may enjoy what he hoped would be a very busy and happy year in office. A little bird had also mentioned to Derek, that the next time Colin stepped back into his lodge room it would be to conduct an initiation. In addition, Derek made a point of celebrating the work of the outgoing master Barry Kilby, installing master Jack Parker and the other members who had taken part in the ceremony, particularly the brethren who had presented the working tools.

Finally, he praised the work of those who had been appointed or promoted to honours in the Craft and Royal Arch; Tom McLaughlin, with a well-deserved first-time appointment to PPrDGSuptWks, WM Colin Svenson promoted to PPrGSuptWks and Jack Parker promoted to PPrDGSwdB in the Royal Arch.

Later in the evening, the master’s song was delivered by the well-known international vocal virtuoso Roy Ashley (well he used to sing at Talacre), accompanied by a chorus of brethren. At the end of a very pleasant evening, both Derek and Mark were presented with a gift in appreciation of their attendance.

Pictured left to right, are: Robert Williams, Thomas Bradfield-Kay, Barry Elman, Mark Mathews, Ray Ho, Derek Parkinson, Martin Farmer, Colin Svenson, Barry Kilby, Jack Parker and Tom McLaughlin.

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