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17-10-2013 09-51-29Liverpool Masonic Hall Opens Daily For Lunch

Liverpool Masonic Hall has opened its doors to the public Monday to Friday between 11.00am and 4.00pm to provide a variety of cold lunches and snacks which can be eaten in the fully licensed bar or are available as a take-away.

The Directors hope that you will visit the Masonic Hall and assure one and all of a warm welcome.

A Message From The 2015 Liverpool Masonic Hall Appeal Chairman

Liverpool Masonic Hall remains the ‘flagship’ Hall within the Province and houses the Provincial Offices which provide the administration for the whole of the Province of West Lancashire.

Built over 150 years ago and extended in 1932, the Hall is a Grade 2 listed building and has seven Lodge rooms, most having adjoining dining facilities. In addition there are the main and top floor banqueting suites, both with private bars which can comfortably accommodate Ladies’ Nights, half nights, wedding receptions, conferences and other functions.

The Hall is also registered with a company that specialises in providing the film industry with unusual settings and locations, it is rumoured that Humphrey Bogart was once filmed in the Victorian lift at the rear of the Hall.

In September 2010 as part of the Hope Street Feast Day, when Hope Street and the surrounding Roads were closed to traffic, the Hall was open to the public for guided tours of some of the Lodge Rooms with the Roman Temple hosting brethren in full regalia illustrating the various offices of a Lodge, on the day it was estimated over 1400 people visited the Hall and enjoyed refreshments in the bar area where food and drinks were on sale. This year we hope to build on the event in September and plans are well in advance to have a Masonic Brass Band performing in the Corinthian Temple within the Hall.

More recently there have been guided tours for members of various organisations including the Mersey Guides Association who give guided tours of Liverpool both by coach and on foot. The Hall tours are given by Sam Robinson and other members of the Hall Appeal Committee and provide an open and interesting insight to Freemasonry and factual information about the Halls origin and history to date.

For further information on availability and what facilities can be provided for events, please contact the Hall Manager using the below details

17-10-2013 10-19-56Hope Street Masonic Hall Charges Held Again

Delighted shareholders of Liverpool Masonic Hall Ltd were informed at the mid-term meeting that there would be no increase in rentals for the 2012/2013 season, for the second year running.

Hall chairman John Roberts said that he confidently predicted no increase in meal charges barring any huge increases in the market price of food.

The directors had continued in their efforts to attract custom and business for the hall from sources outside Freemasonry and had been largely successful. Looking ahead to the new season, John confirmed that the hall was gearing up for the Hope Street Feast which is to be held on Sunday 16 September 2012. In 2011, 900 of the 2,000 visitors to the Hall took the tour of the various lodge rooms and it was expected that similar or an increase in those numbers will occur this year and John appealed for volunteers to help out on the day.

Other sources of outside income are the University of the Third Age, English Heritage open day tours to take place on 6, 13 and 16 September and the hall will again be fully part of those events. Paranormal tours are programmed by two organisations. Martial arts classes use the hall on a weekly basis and foreign English language students will be accommodated for a summer school. John Moore’s University continue to utilise the hall for examinations, as do the Liverpool Institute as well as professional bodies. It is now realised that Freemasonry is not the paramount business income for the hall. External sources of income will continue to be sought and several avenues have been identified and are being pursued. These include hosting of wedding celebrations and corporate events.

John asked that lodges and chapters co-operate by ordering accurate numbers of meals and by ensuring that meals are taken at the time requested. This would assist in keeping down costs for the future. He appealed to lodges and chapters to pay for meals served on the night and for rental charges to be paid when they fall due. He stated that one of the directors had been tasked with pursuing outstanding debts.

A list of the substantial repairs, renovations and redecorations which had been completed was given as well as the statutory work and provisions which had been required to comply with legislation. There is still a great deal of necessary work to be done throughout the building. Much of the work was behind the scenes and not always visible to users. John appealed to members to continue to support the hall financially. One of the most important tasks which are necessary is the construction of a platform lift for wheelchairs at the front entrance. Additional finance needs to be found to add to the ?1,000 contribution from Blenheim Lodge No 7519 for this most crucial provision.

17-10-2013 09-57-06

Chairman of the Hall Appeal, Sam Robinson was introduced and gave a more detailed account of the work done by the Appeal to date and the plans for the future. Sam informed the shareholders of the meetings he is to have with local media and with the local authority and other community groups to publicise the hall and to attempt to obtain funding from other sources. The Appeal had raised over ?40,000 to date. The Merseyside Walking Tours group have now included Liverpool Masonic Hall in their itinerary. Lancashire Today magazine had been contacted and it is hoped that an article will appear in due course.

John thanked the chairman of the Liverpool group and his hard-working executive officers for their help and support. He also thanked the Hall Building Fund Chairman David Sayce and his committee for all their hard work and support and he appealed for members to join the committee to assist them further. He also gave a vote of thanks to Derek Cadwallader and Mike Melling and the committee of West Lancashire Regalia who have been phenomenally successful and he urged members to continue to support them and asked again for volunteers to help out at the WLR shop.

David Sayce and Bernie Moran presented John with cheques to a total of ?1750 from the Hall Building Fund.

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