Masonic Hall Building Fund

What is it for?

It is 160 years since “The House in the Garden”, at 22 Hope Street, was purchased by Liverpool Freemasons to provide a central meeting-venue for the lodges, which, at the time, were assembling at various locations throughout the city. During those years, it has been rebuilt and extended to accommodate an increased number of members and now stands proudly as the Grade II listed building that we, its members, own today.

However, like any building, our Masonic Hall suffers from the effects of weathering and age and needs constant maintenance. For this purpose, the Fund receives donations to be used only towards the upkeep of the Hall, for the comfort of its members and as a legacy for future Masonic brethren. While several Lodges, Chapters and individual members have been making generous donations to the fund, we respectfully ask those members, who have not already done so and to whom it would not cause hardship, to arrange a monthly Standing Order (it can be done online) in favour of this fund. All arrangements will, of course, remain confidential.
Please click here for Standing Order Mandate.

We would also encourage members to join the fund committee, even if it’s only to channel news to your Lodges and Chapters.
You can contact Dave, Stan or Bernie via email for further information on this.

Sincerely & Fraternally
Bernie Moran (Fund Secretary)


W. Bro. David Sayce (Chairman and Treasurer).
W. Bro. Stan Shwenn (Vice-Chairman).
W. Bro. B.J. Moran (Secretary).