Indians visit Minerva Lodge

Liverpool-Indians-visit-Minerva-Lodge-Pic-1“An evening that will live long in the memory” is how the Worshipful Master Don Chetwynd described the last regular meeting of Minerva Lodge 4002. The evening began with WM, Don Chetwynd opening the lodge in the usual manner before handing over to the Oklahoma Display Team that comprised of 16 Masons from various lodges throughout the Oklahoma area.


The demonstration began with a thoroughly animated and excellent piece of ritual by Joe from the Indian Display Team who was then joined by Cap and others from the group in delivering what was essentially one of the greatest pieces of Masonic ritual most of the brethren in the lodge had ever witnessed. The ceremony wasn’t just recited – it was acted with conviction and gusto.



Everyone who attended was in agreement that this was one of the most memorable evenings ever. At the Festive Board nearly £250 was raised for the Charities.  Butch from the Indian Display Team donated a specially hand-carved and beaded gavel for auction and that raised a staggering £180.  In its appreciation Minerva Lodge gave the Oklahoma Indians a copy of their yearbook as a token of gratitude for their hard work on the night.


The organisation of this event began with an initiative started last year by Gordon Farmer. Since then others assisted in the planning including Don Chetwynd and his treasurer Miles Cotterall as well as the lodge secretary Ted Bickley. Credit is due to all involved in the organisation of this evening including Keith Jackson who was instrumental in the preparations for the evening, Jason Hengler who helped sell many tickets for the event and Ian Rooney who helped set the lodge up and break it back down again.


Unfortunately, there were a few Minerva members who were unable to attend on the evening due to health issues and as a result Arnie Neal and Matthew Timmins (both Stewards) stepped in at the last minute and took on the roles of Inner Guard and Junior Deacon respectively. Their performance was excellent and their willingness to contribute to the success of the evening was greatly appreciated by everyone present.


The members of Minerva Lodge thanked their friends and guests who supported the evening and gave a massive thank you to the Oklahoma Indian Display Team for their brotherhood, their diligence and for giving Minerva Lodge the pleasure of their company.