Ceres Lodge No. 3501

The lodge Ceres No.3501 meets on the 4th Tuesday of the following months –

October, November, January, February, March(Installation), & April.

The Lodge was consecrated in March 1911 and so Ceres Brethren are keenly anticipating the Centenary. Ceres was daughter Lodge to Goodacre Lodge and like Goodacre owed its origins to members of the Liverpool Corn Exchange.

Ceres was the goddess of the harvest and a connection with the Corn Exchange continued until the nineteen-eighties. Ceres Lodge grew rapidly in its early years but after the formation of a daughter Lodge, Liverpool Mercantile, in the early twenties, chose not to expand, with membership never topping forty, even in the boom years for Masonry.

That is not to say that Ceres has not contributed to local Freemasonry. The Lodge is proud of its history and has produced a number of distinguished Masons, not least Alan Fletcher Ferris, initiated in Ceres Lodge and destined for a glittering career as Grand Director of Ceremonies and Provincial Grand Master.

It is still a small Lodge, one that looks to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere that will encourage any member to make the most of his Masonry.