Antient Briton Lodge No. 1675

Antient Briton Lodge No.1675The lodge Ancient Briton No.1675 meets on the 4th Tuesday of the following months –

September, October, November, January, February, March(Installation), April, & May.

When Antient Briton Lodge was founded in 1877 , Liverpool, with a population of 600,000 had not been granted City status and Toxteth and Harrington Docks were not yet opened.

In Toxteth, from 1831 to 1877, the local population had grown from 24,000 to 117,000.

The fields between Park Road and Princes Road were only being filled in with property from about 1850.

In 1878 an advertisement in the “Liverpool Post” by Hugh Jones, Builder, a member of the Lodge, offered houses newly built in Pengwern Street for sale at ?300/ ?400 on a 75-year lease.

In 1976 these houses were demolished under the supervision of J. A. Bamber, the present Secretary of the Lodge, so that the area could be redeveloped.

Some time prior to 1877 a hotel had been built on the corner of Admiral Street and North Hill Street called the Masonic Arms.

Next door at No. 80 was the Masonic Hall where the De Grey and Ripon Lodge No.1356 met. This is now known as the Toxteth Lodge and is our Mother Lodge.

A meeting was called at the Masonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool on Friday, 2nd March,1877 for the purpose of forming a new masonic lodge.

The fifteen founding members, predominantly Welsh but with those of Yorkshire and Scottish origin, were:-

Dr. J. Kellet Smith, Mariners’ Lodge No. 249, Temple Lodge No.1094
Robert Wylie, Lodge of Perseverance No. 155, Lodge of Sincerity No. 292.
W. R. Bainbridge, Lodge of Harmony No. 272.
Rev. J. Rees Jenkins, Harmonic Lodge No. 216.
Jonas R. Bottomley, De Grey and Ripon Lodge No. 1356.
Dr. J. Howard Pugh, Temple Lodge No. 1094.
H. W. Parry, Mariners Lodge No. 249.
Owen Evans, De Grey and Ripon Lodge No. 1356.
J. W. Jeffries, Merchants’ Lodge No. 241.
Daniel Davies, Mersey Lodge No. 477.
Thomas Lowe. De Grey and Ripon Lodge No. 1356.
William Roberts, De Grey and Ripon Lodge No. 1356.
W. Woodcock, Warren Lodge No. 1276.
W. H. Thomas, Prince Arthur Lodge No. 1570.
Thomas Evans, Everton Lodge No. 823.

At the inaugral meeting on 2nd March 1877, the then acting Secretary initially penned the name as Ancient Briton, the letter “c” being overwritten with the letter “t”. Why was the obsolete form of this word chosen? No explanation was ever given. It is fair conjecture that either Thos. Evans or, more likely, Rev. J. Rees Jenkins, having the phonetic pronunciation of his native tongue in mind, would have advised this spelling, to prevent possible confusion to the Welsh speaking brethren.

The Lodge was consecrated on Tuesday, 16th April 1877 with 74 brethren present. The Provincial Grand Secretary, Bro. H. S. Alpass presided.

The first regular meeting was held on ‘Tuesday. 24th April 1877 at which thirty-six joining members were balloted for and thirteen new members were initiated under a special dispensation.

Our motto: is “Y Ddraig Goch a Ddyry Gychwyn”, which does not translate easily from the Welsh, but the most apt rendering found is, “Dragon Red goes ahead”.